Linspire Quick Start Guide

Peter Kitson

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What can I do with Linspire?

Linspire has been designed to easily handle most common computing tasks. You can begin using Linspire right away to:

Surf the Internet. The powerful web browser built-in to Linspire sports tabbed browsing and pop-up ad blocking to reduce screen clutter, as well as innovative Hot Words technology for instant searching.

Send and receive email. Built-in spell-checking and spam filters make your email experience more enjoyable than ever! • Instant message with friends. No matter which IM service they’re on, you can reach out and IM with friends, chat in groups or even place free phone calls over the Internet!

Create and share office documents. The included Microsoft Office® file-compatible office suite lets you easily create, edit and share written files (.doc), spreadsheets (.xls) and presentations (.ppt). You can even create PDFs, draw org charts and export presentations to Macromedia Flash.

Play video and Flash movies. Linspire can handle all popular media formats, including streaming video, with built-in players. View commercial DVD movies with optional DVD Player software available in the CNR Warehouse.

Import and play music, and burn custom music CDs. Included Lsongs music manager will quickly become your favorite music player and synchs to popular MP3 players.

Work with digital photos. Linspire’s all-in-one digital photo manager, Lphoto, features tools to import, organize, edit, crop, enhance, and share digital photos. Hundreds of digital cameras are supported and you can even use your photos as a screensaver or make video CDs!

Play games. Several games come pre-installed with Linspire, and many more are available from the CNR Warehouse.

Print documents. Linspire supports hundreds of printers and works well on Microsoft networks so that printed output is only a few clicks away!Linspire’s easy, comfortable graphical interface with clear menus and icons, as well as voice-narrated tutorials with step-by-step instructions on dozens of subjects, will enable you to be up-to-speed quickly!