CentOS Step By Step Guide

Peter Kitson

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Welcome to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Step By Step Guide! 

By now, you should have read the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Installation Guide and successfully installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This manual is designed to help new and intermediate Linux users  navigate and perform common tasks. Keep in mind that Linux looks, feels, and performs differently from other operating systems you may have used. Forget about the conventions of other operating systems and, with an open mind, approach Red Hat Enterprise Linux as a new, interesting, and versatile alternative. 

This manual is task-oriented. You will find useful tips, hints, warnings, and screen shots interspersed throughout. First, you will learn the basics of using Red Hat Enterprise Linux, such as familiarizing yourself with the desktop, learning to use the shell prompt, and navigating through les and folders.  

Once the basics are covered, the manual moves on to more advanced topics including setting up an internet connection, configuring a printer, and working with documents.  Most users choose to work within either the GNOME or KDE graphical desktop environments (other desktop environments are also available). The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Step By Step Guide focuses  primarily on how to perform tasks in these two environments. 

Topics discussed include: 

- Using the graphical desktop environment 
- Managing files and directories 
- Working with documents 
- Using the Web and email 
- Working with a digital camera 

After conquering the basics of your Red Hat Enterprise Linux system, you may need information 
on more advanced topics. You can find this information in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux System  Administration Guide, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Reference Guide, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 

Introduction to System Administration, and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Security Guide. HTML, PDF, and RPM versions of the manuals are available on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Documentation CD and online at http://www.redhat.com/docs/.