CentOS Desktop Deployment Guide

Peter Kitson

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Welcome to the Red Hat Desktop Deployment Guide!

Deploying the GNOME Desktop across an organization commonly requires that some aspects of the desktop enviroment be modied for that specic deployment. This document aims to enumerate common deployment tasks and establish best practices for those tasks.

This document is not intended to address the more general topic of system administration and the GNOME Desktop. The GNOME Desktop System Administration Guide already serves this purpose and readers are encouraged to refer to this guide through Applications (the main menu on the panel) => Help, by selecting the Desktop Category, and then selecting the System Administration Guide Document from the menu.

Conguration Overview: The GConf System

The GConf system is one of the primary means to congure the users\' desktops, therefore a brief overview of this system is provided below.

Many congurable quantities are accessible via key/value pairs using the graphical GConf editor tool.

This tool is available from the command-line using the command /usr/bin/gconf-editor, or, more simply by typing gconf-editor in a terminal. The GConf editor is also available through Applications (the main menu on the panel) => System Tools => Conguration Editor.

For more detailed information on GConf Editor, refer to the Conguration Editor Manual through Applications (the main menu on the panel) => Help, and by selecting the Applications Category, then the Utilities Category, and nally, by selecting the Conguration Editor Manual Document.